Providing personalized training for artists looking to gain control over their digital art tools and create production-ready content.

Our unique format of live one-on-one training has helped students from all around the world take their digital art skills to the next level. We have trained hundreds to become professional digital artists at major studios, such as Digital Domain, Weta Digital, Nickelodeon, Pixomondo and many other top studios.

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William Vaughan




William Vaughan is an award-winning artist, writer, and director with over 20 years of experience. He has trained thousands of cg artists throughout the world and authored more than 300 tutorials and instructional videos. He has been published by every major cg magazine, contributed to 18 books, has written and directed several award-winning films, and has created digital art for many top studios, including Nickelodeon and Pixar Animation Studios.


What is your learning style?


Although learning styles will inevitably differ among students, our one-on-one approach to training allows for personalized training that is tailored to your learning style and moves at your pace.

While video training can be more convenient and cost-effective than personalized training, it uses a one size fits all approach. For example; this video tutorial introducing MeshFusion may be just what some people need to get up and running, while leaving others behind.  

No part of the Pushing Points Academy training is pre-recorded, scripted or edited, and each session is live and limited to one student.  What this means for you is training personalized for you.


Workshop Key Features

Each workshop is customized to your needs and covers production proven techniques using industry standard tools. From basic fundamental training to expert level instruction!

The workshops have been designed by an experienced instructor and feedback from students.


  •  Individualized Training Workshops are limited to one student for one-on-one interaction.
  •  Video-Free Training Workshops are taught live without pre-recorded videos or screencasts.
  •  Targeted Topics Workshops are designed with the goal of empowering not overwhelming.
  •  Production Proven Designed by an experienced educator who has trained thousands of artists.
  •  Active Involvement Students are part of their training with frequent exercises. 
  •  Distance Learning Learn from the comfort of your home office from anywhere in the world.

  •  Customized Pacing Our workshops are designed with different learning pacing in mind.
  •  Flexible Scheduling Workshops can be very flexible to work with students’ personal schedules.
  •  Focus on Details Training specializes in minute details that are key to quality assets.
  •  Learning Objectives Specific objectives are determined by both the instructor and the student.
  •  Measurable Deliverables Results based on defined objectives critical to a digital artist's success.
  •  Constructive Critiques Student work is monitored and critiqued regularly as part of the training.






Learning Objectives

Each workshop is designed with specific learning objectives that are determined by both the instructor and the student. Together they set goals and establish expectations to insure the quality of education is appropriate for the student’s needs.

This flexible approach to training allows the instructor to meet an individual’s unique objectives and create new ways to reach each student.

Industry Standard Workflows

Adhere to standards and procedures, and have confidence that essential criteria will be met.

Efficient Methodologies

Develop optimized, time-efficient solutions to increase productivity.

Advanced Problem Solving

Think critically and creatively to address issues that arise during production.

Planning & Organization

Manage time effectively, prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.

Developing Professionalism

Gain effective communication skills and work productively as an individual or on a team.

Effective Decision-Making

Determine the best course of action. Evaluate options based on logic and fact, and apply solutions.

Take your skills to the next level !

Whether you’ve been creating digital art for years or just got started,  you will benefit from the valuable information covered in our workshops.

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